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Congratulations on recieving a Spruce Winter Wreath Kit!

Making your own Winter Wreath is fun, festive, and rewarding. Since Spruce opened in 2010, our wreath making classes have been one of our most popular. Now, we have created a way for you to make your own wreath, on your own time with family, friends, co-workers.

Do not make this wreath on your mid century heirloom dining table, the vines may scratch the finish!

MATERIALS: All the materials you need to create a whimscal winter wreath are included in the box.

ADDITIONAL TOOLS REQUIRED: Pruners, Wire cutters or Pilers. Hand sanitizer to clean your hands at the end!!

Read through Steps 1 - 4 before starting!



Step 1

Take your vine frame out of the box!

To start we are going to place the greens, each box has its own unique selection of Fir, Cedar & Pine. Use the vine wreath frame to secure the base Fir greens by forcing the stems between the vines. You may need to use your pruners to size the indiviual pieces. Continue adding greens in opposite directions until the wreath has an aysmmetic covering to one side. Be sure to lift the wreath up to check how the greens lay when the wreath is upright.


Step 2.

After adding the base Fir greens add the Pine and Cedar accent greens. If extra fixing is required use the short wires to attach greens to the vine frame, by bending wires into a ‘hairpin’ shape. Pass the wire over greens down through the vine and twist behind the wreath.


Step 3.

Unwrap the dried elements place the cones in the center between the greens, and add the pods and accents.

The stems of these elemets are brittle do take care when placing.

Spare wires and stcks and floral tape can be used to provide extra fixings, repair broken stems or if you have some of your own elements you would like to add.

Carefully check the back of the vine wreath for any wayward sticking out sticks or wires and remove.


Step 4. Final step!

Delicatly feed in the color accents.

Loop the ribbon and tie off to form a hanger.

Place the wreath on you door or your chosen spot. Stand back and admire!

Spruce Tip! Use hand sanitizer to r move the sap from the greens off your hands!

As the greens are fresh they will dry in time and loose thier color. The dried elements could be saved for re-use next season.