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Wedding FAQ's

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Q:  I see the pricing minimums on your website, but I’m just looking for tiny bridal party bouquets or centerpieces of just greenery or bud vases.  Can you accommodate?

A:  Our minimum for wedding work is $3000.  They are based on client expectations for what should be a reasonable bridal bouquet or centerpiece for a 10 person table.  They are also set so we can provide exceptional designs with the best flowers the season has available. 

Q:  I am getting married at the courthouse and only need a bouquet and boutonniere.  

A:  As long as you completely trust us to make a knock-out bouquet and boutonniere for you with what we have available in the cooler that week, we are here to help!  Give us a color palette and let us know if you like a compact and classic style or wild and whimsical and we’ll take it from there.  You can send us images of arrangements you are drawn to and we will interpret the design.  Due to our minimums we have with our flower vendors, we can not accommodate specific requests for single bouquet work.  Design consultations are not necessary, but if you would prefer to meet with us to discuss our consultation and quote fee is $75/hour.  

Q:  My (aunt/sister/friend) wants to make our centerpieces, so we are only looking for bridal party bouquets to be professionally made.  

A:  Sorry, we only work on complete weddings so we can design your wedding from start to finish for a cohesive, professional look.

Q:  Can I provide my own vessels/candles/props?

A:  Of course!  If you have your own vessels for centerpieces or would like to create your own please provide us a sample so we can accurately quote and ensure the pieces will work with the rest of the design plan.

Q:  I’m going to be in town tomorrow, can I just swing by and talk about my wedding flowers with you?

A:  To ensure we can give you our undivided attention, please call ahead to schedule an appointment.  We schedule an initial phone call before we get together in person so we can give you some ball park ideas of pricing based on your needs.  After we’ve had an initial phone conversation, if you would like to get together to meet in person for a full design consultation, there is a $150 design plan fee that will go towards the total cost of your wedding flowers if you decide to book with us.

Q:  Why, oh why do you charge a $150 design consultation fee?

A:  Good question.  We have struggled with this for years, however, we do like to take the time to get to know you and your fiancé during the consultation so we can create a design plan especially for you.  We do not stamp out cookie cutter weddings, and we give a lot of thought to all of the details of your wedding.  Which takes time. It takes us hours to create a design plan for you, sourcing materials, creating recipes so we can give you accurate pricing, sketching ideas, maybe swinging by your venue if we’ve not been there before to give you a design that perfectly fits the venue and your vision.  

Q:  I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting married next year.  I love flowers, can I set up a time to talk with you?

A:  We love flowers, too!  We can understand your excitement, however, we only meet with couples after:

  • The venue has been booked
  • A solid floor plan is available
  • Details like dress colors, linens colors have been chosen

These are significant details that must be decided before we can get to work on a your design plan.  Once these decisions have been made, let’s set up a time for an initial phone call and we can go from there.  

Q:  I’m getting married 2 years from now, how soon do your dates book up?

A:  It varies year by year, but typically we start booking about 9 months ahead of time.  We do take on a limited amount of weddings each week, so our dates might book up sooner that other wedding-only florists.