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Fresh flowers delivered weekly, monthly, or on your schedule!

Set your preferred delivery frequency, select a style and send or receive flower deliveries on your schedule. You can change delivery dates, skip deliveries, or cancel your subscription at any time.  



Choose your style (classic, whimsical, or modern), price-point, and color palette and select the "recurring order" option. We'll take your design cues and our team will create a spectacular seasonal arrangement for each delivery.  


This is the amount of flower arrangements you would like delivered for each delivery. Most likely, this will be "1" arrangement per delivery.  

Remember, you can cancel at anytime so if you would like to send an arrangement for 6 months, you would cancel after the last desired delivery date.  


You set the frequency! Every week, every other week, monthly, every other month. Once the frequency is set, orders will be generated automatically. Your card will be charged every time the order recurs.

You have total control over changing dates or skipping scheduled deliveries if needed in your account.


Select your first delivery date and all subsequent orders will be based on that date.

Your orders will automatically generate for each subsequent delivery date and you will be charged as the deliveries generate, not all at once.


Our classic designs are mostly symmetrical and filled with classic garden flowers like hydrangea, roses, stock etc.

Our core design style, whimsical arrangements are fun, unexpected, organic in shape and we select unexpected flower combinations.  

Modern arrangements are simple and clean and do not have a high mix of flower types. The focal point will be a specific variety of flowers.