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Same Day Delivery Mon-Fri Order by 11AM | Sat By 9AM | Next Day Delivery Available to Outer Suburbs


Fresh flowers delivered weekly, monthly, or on your schedule!

Set your preferred delivery frequency, select a style and send or receive flower deliveries on your schedule. You can change delivery dates, skip deliveries, or cancel your subscription at any time.  

Spruce Flowers and Events Summer Dahlia's one of the many seasonal flowers that feature in our Frequent flower club subscription arrangements for delivery in the St Paul Minneapolis , Twin Cities Metro  Area
Selection of Floral Arrangements for Spruce Flowers Frequent Flower Club subscription service for delivery in St Paul Minneapolis Twin Cities Metro Area


Step One Set up an Account



Do you have an account with us? You will need one to create a subscription. They are super easy to set up, you will have a record of all your orders with us and saved address for future orders too!

Simply click the "Head" icon above in the top left hand corner to set one up, then return to this page!

Step Two choose your Style and Quanity


Choose your style below Classic, Whimsical, or Modern, select your price-point and color palette.

We'll take your design cues and our team will create a seasonal arrangement for each delivery.  

Quanity is the number of flower arrangements you would like delivered for each delivery. Most likely, this will be "1" arrangement per delivery. Unless you are super generous of course!

Step Three select Frequency



You set the delivery schedule! Daily, weekly, every other week, monthly, every other month..You choose.

Once the frequency is set, orders will be generated automatically & your card will be charged each time the order recurs.

You have total control over changing dates or skipping scheduled deliveries if needed, all accessed by manage subscriptions in your account home page.

Just like your coffee subscription it will keep reoccuring until you log in to your account to pause or cancel.

Step Four Schedule your first delivery



Select your first delivery date and all subsequent orders will be based on that date at the frequenct you selected.

If you need to skip or change a delivery date you can log in and manage your account 24/7.

Your orders will automatically generate for each subsequent delivery date and you will be charged as they are generated.