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Creative Director

We excel at a lot of things here at Spruce, but one of those is not old-fashioned, cookie cutter floral designs. Our creative juices get flowing when we have a good sense of who we're designing for and when we're inspired by the freshest blooms in our cooler. To maximize our designer talent, we've created an option for you to give us a sense of your recipient's style and let us take it from there.

Using our Creative Director feature, you'll choose from three different styles - Modern, Classic, and Whimsical - and place your trust in the hands of one of our floral designers. We'll create a custom arrangement based on the notes you give and style category you select, and we promise to make something one-of-a-kind each and every time.

We'll even send you a photo of the arrangement on the day of delivery so you can see exactly what we're sending. Getting to showcase our best flowers and best design cues within the Creative Director feature is one of our favorite activities here at the studio, and we can't wait to share what we've made with you.



Our "Modern Creative Director" option is suitable for someone who shops at upscale, modern boutiques like Grethen House, D.Nolo, Idun, reads Dwell magazine, prefers the clean lines and minimalism of mid-century architecture, and might be found walking the exhibits of the Walker Art Museum.  

We create our "Modern" arrangements with clean lines and simplicity in mind. Single varieties of impactful and architectural flowers like orchids, amaryllis, anthurium and structural greenery are go to picks for this type of arrangement. Bouquets are compact with clean lines and a focus on a single variety of flower.



Our "Classic Creative Director" option is suitable for someone who is inclined to shop at J. Crew, reads House and Garden magazine, prefers tudors or cape cods and spends time at the Country Club.  

Someone who would appreciate a "Classic" arrangement is someone who has refined taste and a keen sense of style. We are inspired by traditional garden flowers like hydrangea, roses, stock, viburnum and lush greenery. A trio of flower types or maybe more depending on the arrangement is fitting for creating this bouquet.   Compact and symmetrical, with a little bit of movement, this arrangement is a good choice for a variety of people.  



Our "Whimsical Creative Director" option is perfect for someone who shops at Anthropologie, Mille and accessories they made themselves, gets inspiration from star bloggers and Pinterest, has an eclectic style and is drawn in by variety and unexpected details.  

This creative spends time working at an Ad agency by day and making her own art at night.   We create our "Whimsical" flower arrangements with a high mix of flowers, textures and colors. Trendy flowers like anemone, ranunculus, thistle and succulents might find there way into these quirky bouquets. Bouquets are asymmetrical and organic in shape. Lots of movement and depth to create a fun bouquet.