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Dear Friends of Spruce,

January 2023

As we continue to navigate COVID-19 we have updated our procedures to continued to adapt some of the temporary measures we introduced have become permanant for the foreseable future.


First and foremost, the health and safety of our employees and clients is always our top concern.  We originally formulated and implemented our COVID 19 Emergency Response Plan created following both State and Federal guidelines, keeping abreast of best practices including;

  • Maintaining a safe distance from each other in the studio by creating space between workstations.
  • Regular cleaning workstations, tools, and common surfaces.
  • Keeping communication open how how we feel and making sure everyone is comfortable staying home if they’re not feeling well even if the symptoms are not COVID 19 related. Enhanced Employee wellness checks are routinely made and whenever there is doubt we return to wearing masks and increase social distancing.
  • During periods of spikes in cases the wearing of KN95 masks is required by all staff and visitors inside the studio.


As. always when dealing with a perishable product our supply chain can experience some challenges. We appreciate your willingness to trust us to continue to create amazing arrangements with what products we have in inventory. If we have to make adjustments to ensure you receive the finest freshest flowers and to maintain our quality standards, we will send you a photo to keep you in the loop. Thank you for your trust in our creative choices!  


Our delivery drivers sends a text when they are on their way with a delivery, so the recipient knows to expect us and another as they arrive. The recipient can call or message our driver to confirm the delivery and how they would like to receive the flowers. If they are more comfortable with us leaving the delivery at the front door without any contact we are happy to do so, please note the flowers will have to be collected immediately as they are sensitive to both extreme heat and cold.


We will be closed for walk-in sales, but are taking pre-booked orders for pickup.  We will bring orders curbside if requested. 


Connecting people with flowers has been at the core of our business.  It is our great pleasure to help you show someone “Happy Birthday”, “I miss you...”, or just to cheer someone up.  As we continue to navigate these challenging times we are evolving our business and hope to help our our community in whatever ways we can. We're brainstorming internally where we might be able to offer our services as needed and reaching out to our local business community to support them however we can.  


As everyone knows, this situation continues to evolve and we are taking it on day-by-day, week by week basis.  Please feel free to call us or check back to this page for updates on our operations.


Thank you for your trust in our creative process and solutions during these challenging times We are so thankful to have a supportive community of fans and we are humbled by your continued support.