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Spruce Flowers Loring Arrangement in a Black Ceramic Vase, showing its textural foliges and feature Sedum tips
Close up Image of Spruce Flowers Loring arrangement. the fluffy, shrubby, and sophisticated Loring features s a long-lasting mix of green hydrangea, trick dianthus, and succulent tops arranged in a two tone ceramic vase. Ideal for a plant enthusiast, the succulent can be rooted afterwards.
on location image of Spruce flowers Loring Arrangement featuring Mini Green Hydrangea, Dusty Miller foliage, Trick Dianthus all set in a Black Ceramic delux vase
Spruce Flowers medium sized Loring floral arrangement with its textural mix of monochromatic green flowers with white accents of Veronica.
Close up of medium Loring Flower arrangement in a Black Delux Vase.
Another close up of the Loring arrangement with sofa in background
Zoomedc. in image of Loring floral arrangement showing the succulent and how it contrasts with the other flowers in the arrangement.w
Close up of Sedum in Loring floral arrangement
Close up of Spruce flowers LOring arrangement showing its textural elements
Close up of Sedum Floret used in Spruce Flowers Loring arrangement
Detailed image of Veronica flower
Detailed image of Delux vase texture and coloration variation between Matt and Gloss
Close up detail of Miguel ceramic vase showing textural two tone ceramic base to vase and olive green glazed upper section of vase.
Detail close up of Loring Floral arrangement showing Mini green Hydrangea Green Trick Dianthus and Sedum


For that fashionable friend that always looks refined, Loring is the perfect flower arrangement. It features a mix of lasting green hydrangea, delicate trick dianthus, and succulent tops, in a shrubby and sophisticated monochromatic green design. Indulge them with Loring - they'll love it! Arranged in our two tone Miguel pot or our Delux vase, this is just waiting to be placed on that Danish mid-century classic buffet.

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