Same day delivery for orders placed by Noon Mon-Fri (9am Sat)


Our creative director options put you in the director's seat. Give us some design cues and we'll take care of creating something especially for you. This is where our designer's feel their most creative, so give it a try.  


You can also send the gift of flowers every week, month or day if you'd like! Here's how:

  1. Select the "recurring order" option below
  2. Select the quantity - this will most often be one arrangement/delivery - but hey if you'd like to send multiple on the same day we're sure your recipient would love it!  
  3. Select the frequency - for example: every "7" "days" for orders to recur weekly on the same day of the week, "2" "weeks" or every "1" "month"
  4. Select the first delivery date on the cart page - all future orders will be driven by that date.  

Creative Director: Whimsical


Our "Whimsical Creative Director" option is perfect for someone who shops at Anthropologie or Mille, is partial to the ocean, and who is drawn in by good typography and unexpected details.

This creative spends time working at an Ad agency by day and making her own art at night.  We create our "Whimsical" flower arrangements with a high mix of flowers, textures and colors.  Iconic flowers like anemone, ranunculus, thistle and succulents might find there way into these quirky bouquets.  Bouquets are asymmetrical and organic in shape with lots of movement, depth, and color (if that's your prerogative).

Select a size and color palette and use the "Notes/Design Cues" box to give us any further instruction.  Let our designer's choose from the freshest assortment of flowers from our cooler to create a "whimsical" bouquet your recipient is sure to adore.  

PLEASE NOTE:  the photo shown is meant to be a style guide and not indicative of what exactly will be sent.  We will take your cues and will send you a photo of the arrangement the day of delivery.