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Local Flowers featuring Dahlias

Local Flowers featuring Dahlias

This week we visit our local farms flower market and chat with Christine Hoffman, owner of the Twin Cities Flower Exchange and learn about our local farmers. Then, Kyle shows us how to create a stunning arrangement from locally grown flowers featuring a fall favorite, dahlias.

When we interviewed Christine last week, temps were in the 80's and we were enjoying the first week of September.  This week, the weather took a turn and sadly many of our local farmers experienced their first frost.  As we release this video today, Friday 9/11/20, many of them are assessing the damage and determining if the season has ended or if anything is salvageable.  

As Christine notes in the video (when we were in the 80's), typically the first frost comes around the third week of October in Central and Southern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.  We're hoping that we'll be able to enjoy more of the season because it's way too early to lose our local flowers!


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