How To

HOW TO: Caring for your Hope Philodendron

Basic Information:

The Hope Philodendron is a beautiful, easy to care for houseplant that provides yearlong beauty with its interesting foliage and full silhouette. These plants are native to regions in South America - specifically Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay - and prefer a tropical, humid environment. This Philodendron is a fun addition to any space in your home, and can even filter certain toxins from the air and improve overall air quality in your home!


Care Tips:

  • Plant requires moist soil, but should not be overwatered
  • Water when the soil feels dry to the touch, and make sure that all the water can be absorbed into the soil
  • Occasional fertilizing (approximately once every 2 weeks) will help to avoid nutrient deficiencies
  • The plant prefers bright, indirect sunlight
  • Placement near an east or south facing window would be ideal
  • Removing dead leaves from the plant is important for aesthetics as well as plant health


  • Hope Philodendrons have a dense, bushy character that can add a tropical feel to your indoor space
  • The plant filters Xylene and Toluene toxins from the air to improve indoor air quality