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Our creative director options put you in the director's seat. Give us some design cues and we'll take care of creating something just for you. This is where our designers feel their most creative, so give it a try.

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Creative Director: Modern

Our "Modern Creative Director" option is suitable for someone who shops at upscale, modern boutiques like Grethen House, D.Nolo, Idun; someone who reads Dwell magazine, prefers the clean lines and minimalism of mid-century architecture, and might be found walking the exhibits of the Walker Art Museum.  

We create our "Modern" arrangements with clean lines and simplicity in mind.  Single varieties of impactful and architectural flowers like orchids, amaryllis, anthurium and structural greenery are go to picks for this type of arrangement.  Bouquets are compact with clean lines and a focus on a single variety of flower.  

Select a size and color palette and use the "Notes/Design Cues" box to give us any further instruction.  Let our designer's choose from the freshest assortment of flowers from our cooler to create a "modern" bouquet your recipient is sure to adore.    

PLEASE NOTE:  the photo shown is meant to be a style guide and not indicative of what exactly will be sent.  We will take your cues and will send you a photo of the arrangement the day of delivery.  

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