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Sedum 'Dwarf Blue Carpet'
Sedum 'Dwarf Blue Carpet'

Sedum 'Dwarf Blue Carpet'


Caring for Succulents

Naturally desert plants, succulents love dry climates and lots of sun. Our succulents are grown locally in Minnesota and come in dozens of varieties.

{light} bright, direct light

{water} once/two weeks in winter and once/week in summer

{general care} fertilize with standard green plant or houseplant fertilizer during the summer only

pot in a loose soil mixture or use cactus soil

trim discolored or decaying foliage to promote new growth

keep away from heat or air-conditioning vents


This plant is available by special order. Many plants are available in a few days, however, rare plants can take from 2 - 4 weeks depending on seasonality.  We will contact you upon order receipt to confirm delivery date. 

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