Houseplant - Calathea

Caring for Calathea

{light} indirect, bright light 
{water} 1x – 2x week, humid environment
{general care} 
fertilize 1x/month spring through fall (March - October)
trim discolored or decaying foliage to promote new growth
keep away from heat or air-conditioning vents
{care level} easy
{fun fact} calathea are related to the maranta or "prayer plant" and the leaves tend to "close up" as dusk approaches and "reopen" as daylight breaks

This plant is available by special order. Many plants are available in a few days, however, rare plants can take from 2 - 4 weeks depending on seasonality.  We will contact you upon order receipt to confirm delivery date. Flower and plant delivery available in Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN Metro area only.