Houseplant - Alocasia

Caring for Alocasia Plants

{light} indirect, bright light 
{water} 1x – 2x week, humid environment
{general care} 
fertilize 1x/month spring through fall (March - October)
trim discolored or decaying foliage to promote new growth
keep away from heat or air-conditioning vents
{care level} intermediate
{fun fact} tropical plant, often nicknamed elephant ear or african mask; this plant is known to enter a dormancy phase in the winter months but will return come spring


This plant is available by special order. Many plants are available in a few days, however, rare plants can take from 2 - 4 weeks depending on seasonality.  We will contact you upon order receipt to confirm delivery date. 

Flower and plant delivery available in Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN Metro area only.