Soil should be kept evenly moist, but not sitting in water. A well drained soil will help to regulate water evaporation. Consistent watering and high humidity helps to keep this tropical plant healthy.



The alocasia crave light, but do not want direct/full sun. Keept it in a sunny room away from a window or in a spot where the light will be diffused.  



Alocasia Polly are a little tricky to care for, but given the right conditions, they can be charming. This plant is for someone who has time to water consistently.    

Alocasia Polly
Alocasia Polly
Alocasia Polly
Alocasia Polly
Alocasia Polly

Alocasia Polly

Dark leathery leaves contrasted with white veining make this Alocasia plant stand out graphically amongst other houseplants.


The plant comes in a plastic grower’s pot, don’t forget to add a tabletop pot (for 4”- 6” plants) or floor pot (for 8” plants and up)!  

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Most pots do not have drainage, so they can be kept in their grower's pot, or they can be planted using a light soil (like cactus) with a 1" base of pebbles in the bottom of the pot.  

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