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These plants like consistent watering. If you should forget, they will let you know, but no worries, they will be somewhat forgiving if you water them sufficiently once you've noticed they've started to droop.



Fittonia do not require a lot of direct light, so they are a good choice for rooms with small windows or without direct sun. They could tolerate sunnier conditions as long as the light is filtered or if they are far away from a window.



These plants are relatively easy to care for, especially for those who have lighting conditions that are typical of most homes. We refer to them as indicator plants, as they will give you a hint when they need water, and if you're paying attention, they will perk back up.    

Fittonia - White
Fittonia - White

Fittonia - White

Fittonia is a beautiful plant with intricate vein coloration in white, pink, and/or red making it a great addition to anybody's plant collection.


Choose from our modern mix of decorative containers. Find a style that works for you whether light and delicate or bold and modern.

Find a pot that will work for the plant size you've selected. Tabletop pots are for plants 6" or smaller and Floor pots are for plants 8" or larger.

Most pots do not have drainage, so they can be kept in their grower's pot, or they can be planted using a light soil (like cactus) with a 1" base of pebbles in the bottom of the pot.  

Pots for plants in 2", 4" or 6" grower's pots.

Pots for plants in 8", 10", 12" or 14" grower's pots.